Fire Protection Systems Don’t Need to Be at Odds with Modern Design

Form follows function. It’s principle we’ve all heard before, with origins in the 20th century modernist architecture movement.

We can probably all agree that one of the litmus tests of good design is that it functions as intended. But what happens when that design is…well…downright unattractive?

It’s a problem that fire protection engineers are often faced with. You have to spec a fire panel, but where do you put that big, ugly red box? Your architect will probably tell you that it needs to be hidden away, but in reality sometimes there is nowhere to hide it. Well, the good news is, you now have options.

In fact, our new Farenhyt Series is all about options. We’ve considered everything from the color to the installation type to the communication protocol to give you more choices so that you can customize the spec for your application.

Red vs. Black Fire Panels

With the latest Farenhyt panel, you now have a choice between the traditional red and a sleeker, more unobtrusive black, so you can choose the most aesthetically pleasing option for your application. We recognize that in smaller spaces, you don’t always have the option to tuck the fire panel away. Our black fire panel is designed specifically for these applications.

Wired vs. Wireless Addressable Devices

Wireless is the future of detection, and the Farenhyt Series is compatible with Honeywell’s SWIFT Wireless fire alarm detectors, modules (and coming soon…wireless notification). With wireless, you can address unique site detection requests, protect temporary protect spaces like construction sites or school pods, maintain the integrity of historic buildings, or quickly retrofit an aging system with new addressable devices.

Proprietary vs. Non-Proprietary Fire Panel Protocols

The new Farenhyt fire panels also provide a choice between proprietary and non-proprietary protocols. Selecting our proprietary protocol gives you the highest level of installation and service provided by factory authorized Honeywell distributors who are trained and qualified to work on our systems. If you use a non-proprietary protocol, you have more flexibility to choose source of detectors and service.

Farenhyt Fire Panels

When it comes down to it, we believe that good design is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. Our new Farenhyt fire panel offers both.

Learn more about Farenhyt fire panels and explore design options.